Welcome to Prestige 2.0!

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Welcome to Prestige 2.0!

As I wait for my patients, I can’t help but feel a sense of anticipation.

What are they like? Will they like me?

The anticipation of waiting creates feelings of excitement, nervousness, or curiosity. I want to meet my patients, not just to treat their medical conditions, but to know who they are. It can be nerve-racking  ,especially for a new practice with few patients and little to do in between patient visits.

Anticipation creates a powerful, complex emotional state that can be both positive and negative. It engages our imagination and emotional responses while we wait for something important. For me, it’s the all important initial encounter with a patient. It influences my perception of time, making the minutes before an encounter feel like hours.

But once it begins, I feel immense relief. The growing anticipation makes way for a focused sense of duty that I carry for my patients as their physician. It’s something I take great pride in: being the best possible physician. Perhaps that’s why I feel such a sense of anticipation. It’s the build-up for what I hope to offer my new patients.