How It Works

The Prestige 2.0 difference lies in our commitment to providing quality, accessible, and personalized regenerative medicine for all.

We Make It Convenient For You.

Select a goal:

Review our clinical service lines and product offerings. Once you’ve had a chance to determine your health goal, whether that’s peak fitness or longevity, we’ll customize our care model to fit your lifestyle and goals.

Complete the onboarding process:

At Prestige 2.0, we make patient registration as easy as sending a text message. We send registration documents to your phone and email, allowing you to register as a patient at your convenience.

Schedule your first appointment

Once you’ve completed the onboarding process, we’ll schedule your first appointment. At that time, we’ll discuss your medical history, review your medical records, and discuss what goals you seek to achieve through regenerative medicine. We may ask to perform additional blood work to determine your optimal medication regimen.

Enjoy Prestige 2.0

In time, as you reach your goals and hit longevity and regenerative milestones, you’ll begin to notice improvements in your metabolism and body functioning. We’ll work to sustain these improvements and continue to find ways to optimize your health. We’ll coordinate with your existing physicians and perform routine blood work measuring regenerative biomarkers to ensure you’re reaching your set goals.